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FIFA World Cup 2018 Online Free
FIFA World Cup 2018 Online Free

Sputnik Polska reporter Grażyna Garboś spoke with Maciej Rybus FIFA World Cup Live, the FC Lokomotiv Moscow and polish national group halfback about his marriage, living in Russia and chances of his countrywide group winning the world Cup 2018.First, let me wholeheartedly congratulate you in your marriage. How did you and your wife Lana, who’s from Ossetia, meet?

Maciej Rybus: thanks plenty. After arriving in Moscow I lived in a hotel for nearly a month and every day I ate out at a close-by eating place. Lana become a manager there. in order that’s how we met. I appreciated her tremendous big eyes. at the beginning I didn’t even know she became from Ossetia.

Sputnik: turned into it a traditional Ossetian wedding ceremony?

Maciej Rybus: at the beginning Lana wore a traditional Ossetian dress then she changed into something extra “ecu”-style. We discovered a few wedding ceremony customs however they're no longer very one-of-a-kind from those we've in Poland.Maciej Rybus: sure, it changed into in Vladikavkaz. We’re making plans to have one greater party with my own family in Poland as it become hard to settle everything for my entire own family to return to Ossetia.Sputnik: You’ve played for FC Akhmat Grozny in Chechnya and in the meanwhile you’re gambling for a Moscow football membership and you spouse is Ossetian. You simply have plenty of thrilling comments approximately dwelling in multicultural Russia. What do you suspect Russians are like?Maciej Rybus: alas, I didn’t get a risk to know more of Ossetian subculture as i used to be there only for the marriage and that’s now not tons. i can inform you extra about Moscow and Chechnya. when I arrived in Russia I lived in Kislovodsk for a while. We practised there and we went to Grozny to play. afterward the complete team moved to Grozny. I didn’t have any fears approximately going there as I’d been reading plenty approximately the location. i was amazed at seeing the metropolis and knowing its people. I didn’t have any troubles there. everybody became very candy and helpful. I nevertheless have a few buddies in Grozny. FIFA World Cup 2018

Sputnik: And what about Moscow? What are Moscow’s citizens like?Maciej Rybus: There are a lot of nations right here. I experience okay within the town. There isn’t any negative feeling approximately me even though there’s plenty fuss approximately Russian-Polish members of the family. I haven’t had any trouble here. The simplest element that I don’t like is the visitors.

Sputnik: no person likes it right here. Do you talk Russian properly?Maciej Rybus: sure, Lana is now getting to know Polish however for now we speak Russian.

Sputnik: Do you like gambling for the Russian First division? Is it higher than the Polish one?

Maciej Rybus: I assume it is better. Russian football is just growing. There’s the sector Cup, there’ll be higher playing situations, there’re plenty of current stadiums being built. I’d performed in Grozny for four years, then a year in France and after I came back I saw the extent of soccer had grown.

Sputnik: the arena Cup is nearing. You’re going to play for the Polish countrywide team. What does the competition suggest for you? due to your damage you didn’t have a chance to play at the 2016 world Cup…Maciej Rybus: unfortunately, when i was gambling for FC Akhmat Grozny I damaged my shoulder proper earlier than the world Cup so I couldn’t play. This competition right here in Russia could be very crucial to me. I’ve already missed one big occasion. This one is even more prestigious as the world’s fine groups may be gambling in the usa where I live. That’s an extra factor. I’m looking forward to the Cup.

Sputnik: What chances does Poland have?

Maciej Rybus: The complete organization is at the identical stage. without a doubt, the aim is to progress from the organization. each group can do this to get to the next level. Our first sport is with Senegal in Moscow and it’s going to be a key match as we’ll should advantage factors. it'd be high-quality to win the primary fit. otherwise the second fit could be all in. and then we’ll see what happens. It’s the type of opposition wherein anything is possible.

Sputnik: What approximately the Russian team?

Maciej Rybus: Their latest games aren’t very optimistic because the group lost them though we need to admit that those have been video games towards strong groups – Brazil, France and Argentina. The Russian crew’s photograph may be deceiving. There aren’t such sturdy teams in their group so I think they’ll progress with their enthusiasts’ assist. Then it’ll depend on their opponent. simplest the most powerful teams will stay.

Sputnik: Who do you observed goes to win?Maciej Rybus: I suppose it may be Brazil.

Sputnik: There’s been lots dialogue approximately the fans and pseudo-fanatics. Is there any tip on the way to cope with hooligans?

Maciej Rybus: There isn’t any middle floor. I think the entirety goes to be in ideal order at the stadiums as it’s smooth to assure. It’s clearly hard to maintain within the streets or in the restaurants because it turned into in France as an example. i'm hoping it isn’t going to be like that though it seems to be not possible as we know that many foreign fans are coming, the climate might be true and there'll definitely be plenty alcohol within the city. i'm hoping the police and the guards can be capable of keep the whole thing and that it won’t purpose any scandals or demolitions.MOSCOW, April 20, 2018 /CNW/ - The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation has knowledgeable that the 2018 FIFA international Cup™ fanatics have ordered 500,000 FAN IDs. 50% of the FAN IDs have been ordered by the citizens of the Russian Federation. The citizens of america ordered 22,500 FAN IDs, Mexico - sixteen,000, China - 14,500, Colombia - 14,200, Argentina - almost thirteen,000, Peru - 12,000, Germany - 10,six hundred, Brazil - 9,seven-hundred, Egypt - 8,000 with other countries to follow.

Out of the five hundred,000 people who have ordered FAN IDs 25% are women. FIFA World Cup 2018 Live

50% of the FAN IDs had been ordered by means of lovers of 25-forty four years in age. eight% of the FAN IDs had been ordered by way of spectators younger than 17 years of age.