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Where To Watch UFC 214 Live Stream Online?
Where To Watch UFC 214 Live Stream Online?

This end of the week points the arrival of the UFC 214 Live Stream light-heavyweight badboy, and the previous division and pound-for-pound lord, Jon "Bones" Jones. It's been a long time since he wore the title. His last barrier was a fruitful one, bettering the present champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 more than five rounds to hand the Olympian his first misfortune.

Date: Saturday, July 29


Place: Anaheim, CA Honda Center



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The next months were significantly all the more difficult, be that as it may, as Jones was stripped of the title and needed to remain by as his adversary, Cormier, asserted the empty belt four months after the fact with a moment round accommodation of best contender Anthony Johnson. 

To state that this quarrel has been stewing up until the point when this point would be putting it mildly. At each experience security was required to keep Cormier and Jones separated and without fail, fans and warriors alike left started up and anxious for the rematch. Indeed, it's at long last here! This end of the week at UFC 214, Cormier will stroll to the Octagon for his fourth title guard, however this time with the additional impetus of beating the undefeated previous champion, which thusly would legitimize himself as the genuine light-heavyweight lord. We've just observed Jones once since the title was detracted from him. He was arranged to confront Cormier at UFC 197 however damage would keep the prevailing champion in the critique stall while Jones squared off against exceptionally positioned Ovince Saint Preux. It was a quiet and controlled execution with Jones seeming as though he scarcely moved out of third apparatus. Toward the finish of the battle Jones was given the between time title, which he passed onto his mentor, expressing, "That is not the genuine belt." His emotions towards DC have just developed from that point forward and his friar like concentration this week has been as fascinating as it is unnerving. UFC 214 Live Stream

We've never observed Jones like this. It's as though this proceeding with fight with Cormier has concentrated him on the hand to hand fighting in ways that he hadn't some time recently. Continuously physically skilled and actually gifted, it wouldn't be raunchy to state that a youthful Jon Jones traveled his way to the title without much rivalry. The main deterrents he needed to overcome were self-incurred. A large number of the issues he had were likely down to the way that he was youthful and neglectful, in the meantime as being unimaginably skilled and effective. 

At the point when DC went onto the scene, a heavyweight champion from another association, he started getting down on Jones about a few of his wrongdoings. Cormier made a decent showing with regards to of playing the equitable more seasoned sibling and speaking condescendingly to the youthful champion, in a way that no one had some time recently, slighting how perilous a contender Jones was. Obviously the two were at inverse finishes of the range on most things separated from one; they both needed to be the UFC light heavyweight champion. 

After Jones beat DC at UFC 182 toward the beginning of January 2015, he quickly had the high ground. Be that as it may, in the wake of losing his title, he made an open door for Cormier to venture in and proceed 'huge brothering' him. With his suspension, Jones got himself got in a parallel universe where UFC 214 Live was situated above him. He had an objective to go for, however didn't have the opportunity to achieve it and put some rumors to rest. This baffled vitality has been filled preparing and the clasps of film we've seen as of late demonstrate an altogether different Jon Jones. If not for this interesting trip that these two competitors have been on since the development started in front of their first experience, our expectation for this minute wouldn't be as extraordinary. The prevailing, guarding champion, Daniel Cormier, is a solid and decided contender, who will granulate out a win come what may. The main man ready to oppose his surge so far has been Jones. Cormier's constancy and heart are surprising and his apparently common capacity to get directly under Jones' skin is adding an uncommon flavor to this quarrel. 

Jones is likely the most unique and inventive contender we've ever found in the game. He has the greater part of the privilege physical ascribes to be the pound-for-pound best - the ideal tallness to run at light-overwhelming, and additionally heavyweight sooner or later; reach outperformed by no one on the UFC list; a blend of certainty, moxy and executioner nature that makes for a competitor who can rise above the game. It would just take a one of a kind arrangement of conditions and the ideal partner in Cormier to make for such an epic rematch. 

I could compose for a considerable length of time about this battle card. It is a standout amongst the most stacked that the UFC has ever assembled. I realize that is such a buzzword thing to state, yet with three titles on hold, and in addition a portion of the hardest Octagon warriors ever to step foot on the canvas, it genuinely is turning out to be the occasion of the year. Tyron Woodley is safeguarding his reality welterweight title against Brazilian Jiu Jitsu phenom, Demian Maia. Cris Cyborg will be confronting Tonya 'Triple Threat' Evinger, for the empty ladies' featherweight title. Also, we need to say Robbie Lawler versus "Cattle rustler" Cerrone! It will be a wild night of blended hand to hand fighting activity! UFC 214 Live Stream